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2020 - UCSD Copy Editing Certificate


Editorial Freelancers Association



I have worked with several authors to get their books ready for publication. Some of the authors published independently, but one converted her dissertation into a publication for a respected monograph series.


Since 2014, I have worked with a diverse team of writers and designers to help develop an Asian American Christian magazine - Inheritance Magazine. I help people tell their stories. I even published a book review: "Analog Church" in the COVID-19 Age: A Book Review.


Living in Southern California, I've been asked to edit scripts for classes, pilot submissions, and scholarship programs. I enjoy the creativity that comes along with the short form.


I have edited about a dozen dissertations, some from start to finish, others only formatting or proofreading. Many of these dissertations belonged to ESL students who I was able to help with organization, logic, and consistency as they prepared to defend their dissertations. I have also edited countless college papers, grad school theses, and admission essays.


"I've been approached by many editors since the publication of my debut fantasy series two years ago, but I was never really comfortable signing on with any of them. Some lacked proper credentials; others sent sample feedback that was either too stylistically intrusive or too superficial. Some had actually missed errors in a sample of 1,000 words! Furthermore, many of them had rates through the roof. When I heard about Sara, however, I was immediately interested. She not only has extensive training and experience (in a wide variety of written works), but she's a voracious reader, as I see her name pop up in our mutual literary circles again and again. (Like a skinny chef, I could never trust an editor who isn't a born bibliophile!)

That said, Sara's work on two of my fantasy manuscripts has been fantastic. She was thorough without being pushy, punctilious without being persnickety, and had great ideas regarding organization, character development, and deeper questions. She even pointed out a stylistic preference that I had used a few too many times - because, let's face it, we all become a little too acquainted with our own manuscripts, which is what allows us to miss even the most obvious details after reading the same passage 20+ times!

I absolutely recommend Sara for just about any written work, but my experience working with her on multiple fantasy manuscripts has been superb."

Rachel Rener, Author of THE LIGHTNING CONJURER

I am so grateful that I found Sara because her editing skills are incredible! She saw the story I was trying to tell, and enhanced and perfected it without trying to change the heart of it. Her suggestions were helpful and kind. She clearly has a deep understanding of story structure, characterization, and pacing. Overall, I was very pleased with her services and would highly recommend.

Kay L Moody, author of COURT OF BITTER THORN

Sara is without a doubt an amazing editor. Positive, eyes like a hawk, helpful, communicative, timely… I could go on, trust me. I worked with her for my YA mermaid fantasy. She was incredibly patient with me, and gave invaluable feedback on her two passes. I couldn’t recommend her enough. Not only that, she remains a very loyal editor when all is said and done, and will continue to support you in your author journey. She is an absolutely lovely person and worth every penny.

Kristen Braddock, author of CHANGING TIDES

Sara did a brilliant job copy and line editing my YA fantasy book. She was thorough, accurate and very fast. She is completely reliable which takes a lot of the stress out of the process! She picked up all the awkward sentences and made them flow much better. She also has a good knowledge of both British and American English. Couldn't ask for a better editor!

Alice Ivinya, author of FEATHERS OF SNOW

Sara is such a wonderful editor to work with! Not only does she deliver quality work in cleaning up my story’s grammar and structure, she pays attention to the little details and helps me be consistent. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to help their novel shine!

RG Long, author of ORIGINS OF GILIA

I love Sara! Her insight was invaluable in every aspect of my story--from improving wording for clarity and flow, to making sure characters were acting believably, and so much more. Plus, she's easy to work with! Communicative, professional, and friendly.

Constance Lopez, author of OF STORMLARKS AND SILENCE

"Sara is an attentive and thoughtful editor. She has edited movie and TV scripts for me. With an eye for finding punctuation errors, repeated words, misspellings, and typos, she has made my writing so much better. Sara consults with me about what I want and is good at taking direction or redirection when my goals change. In addition to the scripts, I recently asked her to look over some cover letters and resumes for television writing fellowships. Her help provided me with the support I needed to get everything done ahead of schedule."

Julia Wells, Screenwriter

"Sara is a lifesaver! I don't write books, but I always have important emails and essays that need to be proofread. My English is pretty good but since it's not my native language, I always prefer to have someone else look at it. Not all native speakers understand editing. For shorter stuff, Sara gets back to me on the same day, sometimes minutes after I send her the email. Sometimes she'll call me and explain why she made some changes (and I get to learn from that)! She's professional, easy to work with and super reliable! I highly recommend her!"

Joy Hughes, Teacher

"Sara has been personally editing my papers for nearly 10 years. She helped edit all my personal statements and essays for medical school and medical residency. I have relied on her to edit not only my work but the work of other students applying for medical school. She has subsequently brought success in all of our careers. She is professional, proficient, and her writing style is eloquent. I highly recommend her for any editing work, she will work with you diligently and help you create your best work."

Irene Kim, Physician

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