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In the days of self-publishing, it has become easier than ever to tell your story. As an avid reader, I'm thankful for the unending supply of books waiting to be read. As an editor, I’m excited about the growing opportunities to help upcoming writers tell their stories well. I love spending time getting to know the writers and helping them turn their creations into something even more captivating.

Since you probably came here asking "What will this cost me?" my base rate is $0.016 per word. This covers basic developmental editing, line editing, and copy editing and I will do two thorough passes. This price does depend on the amount of editing required; I will need to see a sample of your writing for a final quote.



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One of my greatest joys is curling up with a good story that engages my imagination. I also know the frustration of beginning an exciting book only to be bogged down by constant errors. Authors pour their heart and soul into their writing and eagerly await readers falling in love with their characters and their stories. I can help polish your story by catching pesky errors in continuity, grammar, and punctuation so that readers will hear your voice clearly as they read.

My favorite genre is YA fantasy. I especially love mythical creatures like dragons and unicorns. But I will read just about anything. To see what I'm currently reading, check out my Goodreads profile. I am happy to do a five-page sample edit on request.


TV scripts are special because they pack a large punch into a small space. Sitcoms are short and snappy and add joy to the world, while family dramas remind us to appreciate the simple things in life. I have experience with both styles and enjoy editing creatively written pilots or researching new episodes in an established series. I can help ensure your script matches the corresponding genre and mood, as well as fine-tune the details to make sure your story shines through. Feel free to send the first act for a sample edit.

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I have been editing papers for college students since I was in college and have nearly a dozen dissertations on my resume. College is hard enough without the frustration of a professor not understanding your brilliant ideas. I can help. Whether you are finishing your dissertation or just trying to pass your final graduate theology class, I understand the value of academic language, field-specific terminology, proper citations, and clarity when expounding upon new and old ideas. My academic background includes music, theology, history, and ancient cultures.



includes checking grammar, punctuation, usage, spelling, style, and continuity; in fiction, ensuring the consistency of characters, timelines, plot, and descriptions


includes rewriting confusing sentences, editing jargon or biased language, querying author for clarification, improving the language and style of text


includes providing big picture feedback, analyzing theme, plot, characters, dialogue, pacing, and setting,

proposing solutions for problems

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